The Cultural Collage

Art, Culture, Gender

The Elephant in the Room

Writing about my experiences with: depression, anxiety, OCD and Aspergers

Yuan's blog - Something about everything

Ramblings of a Menopausal Runner

Fighting Fit at 50 and a bit! How running keeps me going strong.


Supporting and promoting female playwrights. A literature development project from Wordsmithery.

The Pilgrimages

journeys and stories

Bitch Flicks

Art, Culture, Gender


feminism, movies, pop culture

Shrines and Icons

An exploration of images of the sacred feminine


Bringing you regular rage against the patriarchy, drenched in sarcasm and capslocks #FEMINISTFRIDAY


Comics about real life and stuff

The Opinioness

Feminist. Vegan. Opinionated.

Pied Type

Old editors never die, they just revert to type

clementine and bloom

Art, Culture, Gender

Little Savage Sketchbook

Art, Culture, Gender


on life and other hallucinations

Another angry woman

Thoughts and rants from another angry woman